Wanna Pizza This?

So what is “Wanna Pizza This”? Well, it’s actually quite simple. The idea here is that our posts will focus mainly on various restaurants in Northeastern Connecticut and surrounding areas, and our mission is to find different foods that maybe you didn’t even know were on the menu. We also plan on focusing on a couple of other areas throughout the week so try and see if you can figure out what those are.

At the end of this coming week, part of Marianapolis’s LEAP Week program, we will post our top ten list. Take a look and see what you might be interested in. Who knows, maybe you will wanna pizza dat!

For more information about LEAP Week, click here! Or here!

One thought on “Wanna Pizza This?

  1. Overall awesome blog with very nice pictures that show a lot about the restaurants you go to. Loved how you shared the links to see what the restaurants have and what’s to be expected when going. Not much you can improve maybe just share more about what some of the foods taste liked and what they had in them, other than that really enjoy the “Wanna Pizza This ” blog:)))))!!!!


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