Victoria Station Café


This morning we stopped by the world-famous Victoria Station Café located on Main Street in Putnam (click here for more information). We stopped in to grab a quick treat before heading onto Armsby Abbey this afternoon for lunch. Here’s a little about this adorable little restaurant and what we tried on our visit.

As you walk in, you are greeted to an airy and well-decorated environment. The bottom floor of the restaurant feels like a 19th century living room, and is complete with couches, bookshelves, and indoor plants that work to create a sort of cozy feeling. There is also a spiral staircase leading up to “The Loft” which includes more seating and even a mini stage.


While I was here, I tried a Blueberry Scone with Lemon Glaze and a small Chai tea. The scone was excellent and had a nice soft texture to it. It didn’t crumble much, which was nice, and it had a fresh taste that was accented by the blueberry and lemony glaze drizzled over the top. In addition to that, they offered to warm it up, which made it even better. The tea on the other hand was also pretty good. I especially liked how it wasn’t too hot like Dunkin’s beverages and it had a nice gingery snap to it. If anyone is interested in giving either of these a try, I would say go for it.


At Victoria Station Café I ordered a sugared Apple Turnover and the Caramallow Latte. The Turnover was very good; the outside was sweet (due to the sugar) and a bit crunchy, while the inside was soft like a croissant. It had small apple chunks and a gooey apple filling at the center, a staple for any apple-based pastry, and since it was served warm it tasted like a sweet apple pie. The Caramallow Latte pulled off the very interesting mix of marshmallow and caramel with flying colors; it seems like a match made in heaven, so it probably complements any of the meals at Victoria Station Café just as perfectly as it went with the Apple Turnover. It’s worth repeating that it wasn’t too hot, just like the tea that @thingswithf had. Overall, great latte and great pastry; if you plan on going to Victoria Station soon, this combo is hard to beat.



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