This morning we had the opportunity to stop by a newer establishment located in North Grosvenordale. Our Father’s Table has been around for six months or so and serves everything from ginormous pancakes to soups, salads, and burgers. The founder actually has some fairly close ties to Marianapolis as she once worked at Sage Dining – the company that provides meals on campus. We had breakfast here at OFT and our reviews can be found below.


This morning I ordered a short stack of French Toast with sausage and a side of home fries. For a drink I ordered their Fresh Iced Tea. The iced tea did indeed have that fresh taste and there was just the right amount of ice cubes. Although I will point out that it was unsweetened, so for those who prefer a sweeter beverage, you might want to add some sweetener; which is available at the table. I also really liked how it came in a jar, which complemented the design of the restaurant quite nicely. As for the french toast, it was pretty good. It was nice and soft and it soaked up the syrup quite nicely, although I will say that the center was a bit on the doughy side on a couple slices. Other than that, I would say that the french toast was excellent. On the side was a sausage patty which was clearly freshly made and the spices mixed in added a nice touch. I also ordered a side of home fries because…come on….I have to have my potatoes. The home fries were well-done and the seasoning was excellent. For anyone who loves potatoes as much as I do, I would recommend giving them a try. And don’t forget the ketchup!


The Front Entrance

Our Father’s Table certainly had the right ambiance for the occasion; as was said in the Café’s introduction, Our Father’s Table was founded by a member of Marianapolis’ own Dining Hall staff, Sage Dining. For breakfast at Our Father’s Table, I had the Cheese Lover’s Omelet, which had three whole eggs, your choice of cheese, a significant serving of home fries, and your choice of toast, bagel, or english muffins (I ordered the third option). For the omelet, I ordered it with American cheese, which wasn’t my usual (as I would normally get Cheddar and only ordered otherwise to get a new experience), but I have to say that Our Father’s Table made the omelet so well that I didn’t mind the difference. It was a very standard breakfast, but the taste seemed rich and unique. The omelet seemed to melt in my mouth, since the taste of melted American cheese was strong, but the texture of the egg was unmistakable. Definitely, the name recommends the meal to everyone who would like it: if you love cheese, you’ll love this omelet.

I also had the Frozen Pomegranate Lemonade; it was a new experience, since I had never even tried Pomegranate Lemonade before, much less the frozen equivalent. The first thing that hit me was the sweetness; it was definitely lemonade, but there was a strong taste of pomegranate that went very well with the tart flavor. I usually don’t have frozen lemonade, but when I go back to Our Father’s Table I will get it again. Again, the sweetness was immensely overwhelming, so anybody who likes more mild flavors or who doesn’t like too many sweet things won’t enjoy this, but I think anybody who enjoys strong lemonade will appreciate this unique beverage.



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