For lunch, we headed over the Putnam, CT to eat at Jessica Tuesday’s (click here for more information). This locally-run downtown restaurant has been running for over 14 years (since 2003); they always wanted to provide quality meals, but when they first started out they were only a deli working with soups, salads, and sandwiches. They slowly grew until they had full-time catering and breakfast, lunch, and dinner available, becoming a staple in the local Putnam community; in making Jessica Tuesday’s a household name, it helped that the owner, Jessica Jellison, was known by many residents in downtown Putnam already. Jessica Tuesday’s uses a nearby farm in Pomfret, CT by the name of Unbound Glory (click here for more information) to provide 90% of their fruits and vegetables locally.

The small restaurant has the ambiance of a homely, small-town building, an atmosphere that seems to persist across much of New England. It’s tucked away in a little corner in Putnam alongside the town’s train tracks. If you want to learn more about the cuisine from Jessica Tuesday’s, check out our reviews below.

When we first arrived, the owner, Jessica, kept us outside for a quick briefing on the restaurant’s history and what we would be able to order inside. While we listened, she gave all of us the famous Strawberry Lemonade, a signature drink at the restaurant. The lemonade was perfect; it wasn’t nearly as strong as they Lavender Lemonade we had yesterday at Armsby Abbey, which made it much easier for me to drink. It had a mint leaf and actual strawberries for extra flavoring, even though it didn’t need any. Overall, it had an excellent taste and temperature that anyone, especially someone who doesn’t like strong tastes, can enjoy; when I go again to Jessica Tuesday’s, I’ll be getting the Strawberry Lemonade first.

For lunch today at Jessica Tuesday’s, I ordered the Uber Tuna Melt, a generic Diet Root Beer, and a Peanut Butter cookie. The Uber Tuna Melt was a bit cold, so it wasn’t as enjoyable as it could have been; that being said, I don’t have tuna melts very often, so I can’t compare whether or not the Uber Tuna Melt is better than the rest. I can, however, say whether or not I enjoyed it, which I did. Even though it was a bit cold, the tuna did its job and felt like it was melting in my mouth, complementing and perfectly balancing the crunch of the bacon and potato chips that were coupled with them. I don’t care for pickles or peppers (some of which came in the sandwich) but I really liked eating this meal anyway. The potato chips were a bit salty, but they went with the sandwich very well in the age-old combination of sandwich and potato chips. My drink was a generic Diet Root Beer, which tasted just as it sounds it would: good, but not unique. The same goes for the Peanut Butter cookie; it was very good and wrapped up the lunch perfectly, but it wasn’t anything innovative in the field of desserts.

Overall, anyone who enjoys a nice small-town meal with local and organic produce will enjoy this restaurant very much; just make sure you’re not allergic to the strawberries, since their signature Strawberry Lemonade is the main attraction when it comes to beverages.


For lunch today I ordered a Porto’ Call sandwich along with their signature drink; the Strawberry Lemonade. The Porto’ Call was composed of a portobello mushroom cap with spinach, caramelized onions, goat cheese, and roasted red pepper couli atop a lightly salted pretzel bun. I’m not the biggest fan of spinach, but I have to admit the sandwich was still pretty good. The mushroom was nice and juicy and the goat cheese added a nice touch. I also really enjoyed the pretzel bun which complemented it all quite well. If you are someone interested in trying something new, the Porto’ Call is definitely worth a try. As for the lemonade…it was amazing. It had a fresh fruity taste and was complete with a slice of lemon and a mint leaf. I would highly recommend trying it out if you have the chance.

If you’ve been to Jessica Tuesdays before, let us know what you ordered in the comments below.



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