This morning we stopped over at Ben’s Beans (click here for more information). Ben’s Beans is a quaint little coffee house tucked away in downtown Putnam with a major focus on…well….coffee beans! Their coffee is roasted and brewed in-house meaning that it has about as fresh a taste as you can get. One of the highlights of the visit was seeing the roaster located in the rear. Check out our reviews below to learn more about our experience.

Café Latte

As soon as we walked in, it was clear to us that this place was all about the coffee beans. They had a roaster in the back, there were all different kinds of beans on display, and the walls behind the menu boards were lined with burlap.

Today I ordered a 12 oz. Café Latte. I watched as the nice lady behind the counter ground up the beans and whipped together a masterpiece unlike anything you would get at Dunkin. Not only did it look great when it was finished, but it tasted great too. It was a bit strong for my taste, so I added a bit of cream and sugar, but other than that, it was excellent. It is also worth mentioning that it wasn’t scolding hot or too cold; which was great. For anyone who loves a good cup of coffee, I would highly recommend giving Ben’s Beans a try.


For my breakfast at Ben’s Beans, I ordered an 8 oz. Berry Scone hot tea. Since Ben’s Beans is a coffee shop, there wasn’t much actual food for me to order besides small snacks like cinnamon buns and cookies. The lady behind the counter put together several orders at once in an efficient manner, making lattes, coffees, and teas all at once. The Berry Scone tea was served very hot; for anyone traveling to Ben’s Beans, make sure your drink has cooled down before you take a sip!

It seemed watery, since it was tea, but the taste was distinctly that of the sugared, crunchy outside of a scone; if I had let the flavor ‘set in’ for a little longer, it probably would have been less watery and more flavorous. Since I didn’t try the coffee I can’t testify as to whether or not ‘coffee people’ would like to have Ben’s Beans coffee in the morning; if you’re a tea or coffee person, you should probably try out the café to see for yourself, but by my standards Ben’s Beans is excellent at what it does.


The Counter at Ben’s Beans

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