Tonight we journeyed over to the Inn at Woodstock Hill for Stew and Stories. While we didn’t actually get any stew, we did get a good meal of lemon chicken, mashed potatoes, and vegetables. Dessert is where the similarities started to split; @thingswithf got to try the excellent Tiramisu, while @hungrystudiousperson had a Chocolate Mousse.

The ambiance was that of a very formal occasion; from what we understand, the Inn at Woodstock Hill is well-known locally for being a fancy establishment. During the meal, we listened to two stories out loud; the first one, Palais de Justice, was read by a man who had been reading stories at the Woodstock Inn for a number of years. Palais de Justice told the story of a defense attorney with a passion for rowing on the Charles as he races against a younger man and ultimately overcomes shortcomings brought on by his increasing age. The second story was read by a nice lady who happens to live nearby our campus, and was about a man who tries to get an annoying co-worker fired.

Overall, it was a fun evening and maybe Marianapolis will follow suit and one day have a Stew and Story of their own!



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