Meeting up with a Professional

Today we had the opportunity to meet and talk with Ms. Sarah Connell, who spends quite a bit of her time writing about local restaurants for a few different Worcester publications. She told us her story and even gave us some advice for our own blogs. When asked why she started writing about food, she mentioned that it really started with her student debts. There was a gym that she was interested in going to from time to time, but due to her financial situation, she didn’t think she could. In the end she found an opportunity to go for free as long as she wrote about her experiences there, which unlocked her creativity in writing to clear a path for her future profession.

After getting that opportunity, a few others popped up and before long, Connell had plenty of work to do. She says that every time a new opportunity appeared, she simply answered “Yes!”, giving us the advice to “always say yes.” Eventually, she got to have lunch with the mayor of Worcester to interview him about his favorite local restaurants. Connell also told us a story about her interactions with Armsby Abbey, which was one of the restaurants we visited earlier this week. She said the folks over at Arsmby played a big role in helping her get started, and they helped her learn more about how to describe and critique different foods. Today, Connell continues to write about various local restaurants and even has an article published bi-weekly in Worcester Magazine entitled Date Night.

If you’re interested in taking a look at some of her work, click here.


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