Our Trip to the Middle East: George’s Bakery

For lunch, instead of taking our usual route home to blog about our breakfast, we went straight to our next destination in Worcester: George’s Bakery (you can find more information here). George’s Bakery is a small Syrian-Lebanese bakery in Worcester that is well-known for its excellent foreign food, including its famous Spanakopita (which we had the pleasure of sampling). The bakery also supplies Syrian Bread, Meat Pies, Stuffed Squash, and other Middle Eastern delights.

The Bakery stands all on its own in the middle of a Worcester lot; it doesn’t look very fancy, but a lot of good food comes and goes through its doors. George’s Bakery was being run by two foreign (presumably Syrian and/or Lebanese) women when we visited; they also have a sister shop, where they bake all of the bread. When we walked in, we were greeted by shelves full of non-American food, with about half of the packages written in another language such as Arabic or Greek. The smell was that of a normal bakery mixed with a scent of spinach (like that in the Spanakopita). It was rather small, and filled with religious imagery (all Christian, perhaps because Syrian and Lebanon contain higher percentages of Christians than the rest of the Middle East). The workers explained that while they didn’t make any of the stock items on the shelves by themselves, everything that is baked in the bakery is made entirely by hand, from the Syrian Bread to the Stuffed Squash.

Since it is take-out only, we ordered our food beforehand and merely went for a short time to pick it up from the bakery; then we drove back to Thompson and ate our Middle Eastern meal in the Dining Hall. Our reviews can be found below.

Everybody got the same exact meal from George’s Bakery, which included several containers of Stuffed Squash, Meat Pies, and two trays of Spanakopita. The Spanakopita was interesting; I don’t like spinach that much, even though I’ve had Spanakopita before, so I didn’t enjoy it as much as some others did; however, it was definitely edible and I know that if you like spinach, you should try it. After all, it is their most well-known food.

Next were the Meat Pies. These were a bit strange; I’d never had them before, and from the outside they looked like they were just normal bread. Underneath the surface were several different kinds of meat, including what looked like beef and some sausage. There were some onions mixed in, which I don’t care for, so I didn’t really like the Meat Pies as much as some others would have either. If you like onions and meat, this was a very well-made food for you, but if you’re like me then it just won’t be your thing.

I didn’t end up trying the Stuffed Squash, but I did try the Syrian Bread; I have to say, it seemed to be like an ordinary pita bread at first. After I started eating it though, I could tell that it seemed to contain a little more flavor. It was very good in my opinion, and I think that many others would enjoy it as well. If you aren’t gluten free, chances are you’ll enjoy eating Syrian Bread.



As @hungrystudiousperson mentioned, everyone had the same thing for lunch today. I tried the stuffed squash first and was a bit surprised. I do not like squash, however the stuffed squash wasn’t that bad. It had a mixture of meat and rice stuffed inside and it was soaked in a juicy tomato sauce. If you enjoy eating squash, then this is the thing for you!

The next thing I tried was the Spanakopita. Again, I’m not a big fan of spinach but, the Spanakopita surprised me. It had an interesting zest to it, and I especially liked the flaky, yet somewhat crunchy top and bottom. I would definitely recommend giving the Spanakopita a try; even if you don’t like spinach because it might just surprise you too!

Finally, I had one of the mini meat pies. The meat pies were excellent and the bread surrounding them was nice and puffy. The meat inside appeared to contain a mixture of a few different meats and it was delicious! So if this sounds good to you, I would highly recommend that you give it a try. Stop by George’s Bakery today and let us know what your thoughts are in the comments below!



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