Looking to get in contact with us? Here are a few options.

Pick up your banana phone and dial brown, brown, black, brown, then wait for the tone…oh wait…there isn’t one…because…oh yeah…it’s a banana.

Instead, why not call us up at (123)-642-3879. When you call, make sure to choose one of the following options:

  • Press 1 to ring the banana phone
  • Press 2 to get a telemarketer
  • Press 3 to get a long beep
  • Press 4 to hear a dog bark
  • Press 5 to hear your options read to you in Swahili
  • Or wait on the line forever because our customer support does not exist


The fastest (and only) way to get in contact with us, is to use the form below…seriously. Fill out this information and we will get back to you within 1 to ∞ business days…because let’s be honest here…we might not get back to you at all. Thank you and have a wonderful day!